Isaiah 43:19 "Behold, I do a new thing..."

A few years ago our pastor, Pagaloa Andrew Tilo, had a call from the Lord to take the City of San Francisco back for the Lord. Since then, the church has been gearing in directions that will take us where the Lord can use us as a channel for taking back the City for Him.

The Lord is doing new things at the Voice Of Christ in San Francisco. In worship and in the word brought forth, the presence of the Lord is coming down in newness unlike before, and we are believing it to be something that will go beyond our four walls that will impact this great city of San Francisco. We serve a Most Powerful God.

Situated in the city of San Francisco, we are faced with the challenge to take the city back for God. With prayer and fasting, and fellowship with other churches, we know that God will pour His Spirit all over this city and the Bay Area in unprecedented ways that will pave way for His glory to cover the city of San Francisco!